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Eve Kandiyoti MSN, RN

Eve Kandiyoti is a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience holding certifications in medical cannabis and is the MC Wellness Group founder. She began her nursing career in the emergency department and shifted her career focus to education and advocacy roles.

After taking time off to care for her young family and pursue her doctorate in healthcare administration, Nurse Eve discovered the endocannabinoid system and plant medicine benefits. She combined her passion for improving others’ quality of life and education to form MC Wellness Group. Her quest for knowledge has led her to complete several medical cannabis certificates, including the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy’s Medical Cannabis Education for Health Care Providers program.

Her philosophy in her nursing practice is to empower others to be their best health advocates. She firmly believes that more healthcare professional education on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid therapeutics is urgently needed to serve our community better. She is currently collaborating with cannabis nurses nationwide to create legislation for nursing protections.

When not adamantly reading the latest research on cannabinoid therapeutics, Nurse Eve enjoys spending time with family and friends. Roller Skating has always a favorite pastime. She is prepared to take the opportunity to roller skate anytime by having her skates in her car. Yes, she wears a helmet and wrist guards.

MC Wellness Group

Paige Wenglar BSN, RN

Paige Wenglar is a registered nurse from Houston Texas. Paige graduated from the UTHealth School of Nursing Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has worked in the Texas Medical Center for two years starting on the medicine acute care unit. However, Paige advanced to the medicine critical care unit when a shortage of nursing arose during the global pandemic. This allowed her to adapt in a fast paced environment and build trusting relationships when the world faced great uncertainty and loneliness. She has experience in diverse patient populations with multiple comorbidities and complex disease processes.

Paige’s passion for holistic medicine began by witnessing her grandmother’s journey with Multiple Myeloma. The memories she has of her grandma are that she managed to maintain a positive and creative outlook on life, and she always had a certain scent to her. Later Paige uncovered the scent was in fact cannabis and her grandmother was an avid believer in cannabinoid therapeutics. This sparked her fascination in alternative methods of healing and plant medicine. She has since became a member of the Cannabis Nurse Network and completed cannabis nurse certification programs. Paige joined forces with MC Wellness Group to provide a continuum of care in bridging the gap between western and plant medicine. Paige believes that everyone should be able to feel as best as they possibly can without letting their circumstances be a limiting factor.


MC Wellness Group

Ariane Williams BSN, RN

Ariane Williams, RN-BSN is a native Texan with 13 years’ experience in nursing.  Ariane began her career in the emergency room and has explored several areas in nursing.  During her nursing journey she has also worked women’s services, surgery, cardiac catheterization lab, and hospice.  She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner at the University of Texas at Arlington with pending graduation 2022.

Ariane loves holistic care and knew her knew her nursing career would involve plant medicine.  Exploring the world of complementary therapies opened a world of knowledge and spiked further curiosity.  The more she learned the more she knew that people would truly benefit from plant medicine and cannabis therapeutics.  After her studies of plant medicine and cannabis therapeutics, she is ready to start helping you on your journey with cannabis.

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