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Cannabis Support

Through education and support, MC Wellness Group aims to empower you. In our private consultations, we meet to discuss your health goals and concerns, following which we craft an individualized plan for you to meet your goals. We are here to help you throughout your journey.  


What's Included...

  • Initial Telephone Consultation – FREE (15 minutes)
  • We will get to know each other, learn about your health goals, and assess if we are the right fit to help you reach your goals.
  • Assess if your medical condition may qualify for the Texas’s Compassionate Use Program (TCUP)

What's Included...

Texas’s Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) allows certain physicians to prescribe low tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) cannabis for medical purposes for permanent Texan residents with qualifying medical conditions.

Personalized Cannabis Nursing Support Includes:

  • Guiding you through the TCUPs journey
  • Our first call together, we will review the TCUP process and your goals. We will set up action items for you to successfully get you enrolled into the program.
  • Support via text, email, and 5 min calls to answer questions during the process.
  • One 15 minute call after your first medication delivery to answer any questions.

What's Included...

Prior to our telehealth visit:

  • Filling out an intake form

During our 30 minute telehealth visit:

  • Review your custom cannabis journey plan
  • Medication Interaction Check
  • Cannabis Dose Tracker

What's Included...

  • Review why cannabis works and how to best implement into your journey 
  • Review your custom cannabis journey plan
  • One 15-minute call to asnwer questions and provide support one week after you begin implementing cannabinoid therapeutics
  • Medication review to check for any interactions with cannabis
  • Cannabis Dose Tracker

What to Expect –

Prior to the call:

  • Fill out an intake form

During the call:

  • Talk more about your wellness goals and review your customized journey plan
  • Medication review to safeguard against medication interactions
  • Quick over-brief on how and why cannabis works in our bodies
  • Set up realistic expectations around using cannabis
  • Discuss safe methods of selecting and purchasing cannabis
  • How to safely use cannabis
  • How to talk to your doctor about using cannabis

*Topics can be adjusted based on your level of knowledge.

What's Included...

Research has shown that it takes 90 days of committment to successfully reach your health goals using cannabinoid therapeutics.

If you are committed to your starting your cannabis journey and want to give it your all, then this package is for you!

Your customized support to reach your wellness goals includes

  • Elevated Wellness Package
      • Review why cannabis works and how to best implement
      • Review your customized cannabis journey plan
      • Medication review to check for any interactions with cannabis
      • Cannabis Dose Tracker
  • Five 30-minute calls over 90 days
  • Journal prompts for you to consciously use cannabis and track your progress
  • Revised cusotmized cannabis journey plan as you progress through the 90 days

What's Included...

Your 1:1 cannabis education with a cannabis nurse educator. This is your opportunity to learn more and have your questions answered by a certified cannabis nurse. 

Additionally, we provide you with resources to expand your knowledge. 

What's Included...

  • One 30 minute consultation 

Commonly addressed:

  • Additional medication interaction assessments
  • Additional recommendations
  • Answering any questions

This service may also be for those who are already be using cannabis and have some questions.


Sam K.

“I came to Nurse Eve to help me with a chronic digestive issue, and boy, am I glad I did! She took into account all that I have been through and level set my expectations. We have worked together a couple of times to help me find the right product and dose for flare-ups. Super knowledgeable and highly recommended!”

Emily A.

“Although I have been using CBD for a while, Nurse Eve answered my questions and helped me manage my medications while taking CBD. I would have never thought that CBD could interfere with my medications. She is so kind and knowledgeable. It is good to have her in your corner.”

Amy G.

“My job is stressful, which has been creating a lot of anxiety. I was finding it difficult to sleep at night. Nurse Eve listened tentatively to my issues and worked with me to find the best way to incorporate CBD. She also gave me some tips on using other methods to reduce my stress and anxiety and showed me how all these methods, including CBD, work together. Starting to feel like me again. So happy to work with Nurse Eve.”

Jamie M.

“After reading all about the health benefits of CBD, I thought, why not try it. I contacted Nurse Eve because I didn’t want to get high. We reviewed my medications, and she quickly realized that CBD was not my best option. She helped me find other ways to get relief and better talk to my doctor about my concerns. If I had added CBD without consulting her, I could have ended up in the ER!”

Kellie P.

“I had so much fun working with Nurse Eve! I was nervous about buying medical marijuana. She suggested that we do it together, virtually. We worked with the dispensary, and I came home with exactly what I needed. Knowing that she is only a phone call away brings such peace of mind!”